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I am so so so sorry that I said the finale will be coming soon and totaly didnt post it soon! my dear Daazzy reminded me that I haven't posted so I felt guilty since I have been a terrible blogger!

Here it goes, I hope you like it! N enjoy!

...He opens the envelop

S3eed: OMG STRAIGHT A's!!!
S3eed: AHHHHH!! YAAAAY AHHHHH *jumps of joy*
Maha: You are going to Uni s3eed like it or not!! cant you see how amazing are you!
S3eed: ......

A week later....

(Maha perspective)

It was rough days, our last year in school, filled with laughter, memories and friendships that are everlasting. I loved him as a friend, or at least that is what I tried convincing myself so....

He was more, much more.

Next week is our last week, and today is my birthday, I was hopping that I get a birthday surprise from S3eed, but sadly, I think he forgot all about it!

Ok, true, his busy studying and everything! but he shouldn't have forgotten that, he knows how special my day will be if he had surprised me! *sigh*

But at least, I anticipate today more because its the day that I will know what's next for me. We have been informed that the acceptance letters from the Universities are arriving today! I cant wait to know the results! I am excited, but not as much as I wanted to be since im still heart broken because S3eed chose not to attend Uni and work for his dad!

(S3eed perspective)

I was all ready and up on the day of Maha's bday! I am very enthusiastic for that I know today will be unforgettable...

I knew that Maha gets emotional very quickly! and i knew that by acting like i forgot her birthday she will all be angry, sad, frustrated but I know that its all worth it. Not only she will be surprised, but shell be heads over heels.

I went to the main office, where the acceptance letters are sent, I quickly looked through the pile and hid the envelop under my sweater and ran out.


I was walking to the administration building, to go get the letters if there were any for me. And as I opened the door, I bumped into S3eed....why is he there? what is he doing here? all those questions where all over my face, and he noticed as he ran as if there is something to hide!

Maha: S3eed, what are you doing here??
S3eed: Um nothing nothing I just came to get some extra stationary...
Maha: Hmm from here? ga9 3lia wla sho
S3eed: I get to go study! bntfahm later!

I went to look for my envelop! but could not find it! I know S3eed had something to do with it! ITS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT!

I walk to my room, all grumpy and angry ready to burst at the first face I see...
I enter my room...I saw him right away!,,,,but I stood with all eyes open wide and a HUGE smile on my face.

Maha: You didnt forget ( I said as I jumped from joy! )

S3eed: And how could I forget!

S3eed has prepared a whole mini party thing for me! he had this HUGE cake in the middle, on top of it, it had 2 envelops....

Maha: OMG enta el m5thnhm!! you dont know how nervous I was!

S3eed: LOL, sorry...

Maha: *I start opening the envelop, and it read...*

Dear S3eed,

Congratulation, you got accepted into Harvard University for the class 2010-2014


Im shocked, wait, S3eed? What? Harvard? When did he apply? whats going on, is this a prank?!
I was totally waiting for the swiss version of ashton kutcher to jump out!

S3eed: Surprise, thats your birthday gift...

I had tears all over my face, he knew that I was going to harvard, and that its the only place I applied for! ahhhhhhhh.....

S3eed: Maha are you fine? btw you got in too....

I was so happy, unbelievably happy! not because I got into my dream UNI, but more because he got into it.

Maha: So your going ????

S3eed: Do you think I should?


S3eed: ok wait, the present is not over yet....

S3eed holds his phone, calls his dad....

S3eed: Halla Uboya!
Dad: Ahleen wlde, sh7alk shu el drasa
S3eed: Uboya aba agolk maba yz3lk
Dad: Shu wldee kaml?
S3eed: Im going to College
Dad: Walla? thats great news!
S3eed: Really?!
Dad: Haih weldee, mashi bayfeedk '3eer ur education! w the company la7ga!
S3eed: 3yal bark el e5teee, w 3e6ha el w'6efa!
Dad: Tam ya S3eed Tam
S3eed: Yala uboya bklmk b3deen...
Dad: Feman alla ya weldy, alla y7f'6k.....

I stood there, with no words, all full of pride, like that of a mother and her child...I really felt that I was the reason that he decided to continue his education. I knew I made a change...

(A decad later)

...:"Umeeeeeeeee....yallaa gomeee, its 7:00 maba at25r 3la schooooooool, ana KG1 ryal ma at25r!!"
Maha: *yawns*, wake up your dad..
....: "Daddy....wake up! i cant be late for first day of school!
S3eed: Yallaaa yalla, gimme 5 minutes


When the sun shines
dreams come true..
when the sun shines
Love can be felt through
When the sun shines
your mine,,,and im yours..

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Finale will be coming up soon! =D

Hey my lovely followers! ;p

Since summer is over I decided that it would be a perfect time to end my story "When the Sun Shines".

I am really thankful for all your support my fellow readers and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Hopeful this week the finale will be up...however, I might be a bit busy since in a week or so I'll start my first day as a Student Council president so Ms. President (LOL) will be busy handling the office..

Love you all =*

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Part 12- When the Sun Shines

Omg, he called me mahooyty and it sounded better then ever,,,ahh (L) 7leelaa

Me: 3sak doom far7aan ya S3eed! ;) Esm 3la musmaaa…

S3eed: Walla madre what would I have done without you! You saved my life…I owe you…

Me: Yes you do,,,,w 3lshan che aba mnk 6lab..

S3eed: Amry??


Me: I want you to apply for University

S3eed: Ah kam mraa nagshna hal maw’6oo3!

Me: S3eed you owe me!

S3eed: LOL! Ok emmm

Me: Esma3, enta la7g 3al sh’3l w the only way to get back at A7mad is by showing him how greater you are then him!

S3eed: Enzain enzain!

Me: Yaaaay so you will give University a shot??

S3eed: Yes! bs 3lshan 5a6erch ;)!

Awww, S3eed is such a sweet heart, I really hope that one day instead of going back to work he would go abroad and study! He deserves to do something for hiself w I know that he will be truly happy if he goes for his dreams of being an architect!

The trip was over, and we enjoyed every moment! Though we were exhausted by now and each bone in our body is screaming for help but it was worth it. We packed our things and put everything in the bus and went to find 2 free seats next to each other….

Awl mra he sits without plugging in his Ipod hehe a7san so we could speak shwy!

S3eed: Enzeen Maha, ente wain tbeen tdrsee…

Me: Well, I always dreamed the US =D!

S3eed: Oh gole walla! 7ta ana! A7s its another world…

Me: Haih! W I think there is a lot to experience! Sho rayk we both go the same area! Or atleast apply to same place *puppy eyes*

S3eed: loved el idea ;)! We totally should!

We reached back to our dorms and ahhh it was warm, very, very warm,,, I quickly drop my bag as S3eed was going to meet me in the main building in a while for dinner…

We sat to have dinner, talked a lot, laughed a lot, had a great time overall…then we started planning Nicole revenge and *muahahahha* we knew exactly what to do…

Here is the thing…we knew Nicole was going of to a great French Uni. And we knew to get into that Uni lazm great grades and whatever,,,,and since shes in our Drama team,, we had a great Idea to mess up her plan..No one told her to mess with fire…

We sat planning the revenge, we knew exactly what to do, w it was very easy… ma ybalha shi el salfa…Since this Drama assignment is 50% mn our grade an “F” in it will totally ruin the final mark…

It was the day to hand in our Drama assignment, S3eed and my part were done so we clipped them together and had a cover page with his name and mine only…leaving Nicole’s out…

I enter class and can see Nicole coming to our direction and both me and S3eed looked at each other with a devilish grin..

Nicole: Umm, hey…

S3eed: Hey Nicole,, I was waiting all night yesterday for you to submit your part!

Nicole: I was trying to call you yesterday to tell you that It’s ready! But you didn’t replay..

S3eed: Oh sorry,,,I was to busy finishing your part!!!! *hands her the assignment*

Nicole: =S um I don’t get it, I thought we were a team! Why isn’t my name overthere…

S3eed: Hmm,,, how about you ask your Facebook mate *winks*

Nicole eyes were open wide! It was so funny seriously! I think she realized that she got caught and that she is close to failing her biggest assignment, which meant goodbye to her lovely Uni…

We turned in the assignment and left the class with a huge smile on both our faces, while Nicole face was all red and teary.

S3eed: Hahahaha, shftee wayeha!! Omg omg looool!!

Me: Yes! the greatest face ever! Muwahahahaha!

S3eed: Loool 9dg enaa were devils ;p!

Me: walla tstahl m7d told her to mess with us!

S3eed: haahaha yes true true…agolch today we can pick our mid-term report cards! =D

Me: I knowww!!! I’ve been waiting for it ahhhhhhh walla ana 3la a39abe!

S3eed: awwhhh don’t worry youll do great ;)!

Me: I really hope so if I want to get into my dream university…

S3eed: la t5afeen…well go together ;p w ill be there if you fail all your courses..

Me: Aih! Mb wagt your humor! -_- ehh….

S3eed: Sorry (A)

Me: <,<

The school microphone PDA announced that the report cards were out,,,everyone was running to get to the reception desk and pick his!

S3eed and I ran as fast as we could..the area was FULL with people!!! Ehhhhh

S3eed: Maha ill get yours sit hnee I don’t want you to harm urself

Me: Awww ok Ill wait but please don’t get killed! Haha

You could see him pushing people all around as he moved forward amongst the crowd….he then quickly takes the envelops and runs my way with a huge smile full of anticipation…

We quickly sit by each other and count together

M&S: 1,2 ,3 OPEN!


S3eed: OMG omg omg...

To be Continued..

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Part 11- When the Sun Shines

Ok awlshi I wasn’t going to post today but see what happened V

Yes Dazzy went Crazy =**! So I had to post! <,Enjoy! w tra etha t25rt..knw its mn Dazzy ;p!



S3eed: It looks like I have failed the "expectations"…bs walla Maha I was changing! And I really worked hard to become who I am now, I don’t know what happened walla I don’t!

Me: You are not leaving tsm3!!!

Nicole: ooooh! S3eed and Maha fighting after that cosy pic yesterday ;)!


I knew that Nicole was behind it!!!! I was out of my mind! Saeed was finally becoming this great student that everyone loved *including me!* and now suddenly out of no where his father decides that his not good enough! WTH sho hal uboo!! I have to prove his dad wrong! S3eed has really change 360 degrees! And No way I can let t3baa klaa yroo7 just because someone like his brother-in-law wants to ruin him!!!

I had to find a way to fix this problem! And who’d help me more in this situations then my BFF!

I call Sara and thank god she replayed.

Sara: Halla walla!!

Me: Sara I need help HUGE HUGE!

Sara: What went wrong!!

Me: klshi!!!! Uh madre keef agolch

Sara: Bsr3a speak

Me: Well, S3eed changed when he came! Like big time, estwa this amazing person and a great student!

Sara: Enzeen and?

Me: Until Nicole came!

Sara: Did she take him away from you?!?!

Me: No sm3ee, she took a picture of us together by the fireplace! W I think shes the reason why S3eed dad is upset mn s3eed w wants him to return!

Sara: Omg el kalbaa!!!! Ok are you sure?!

Me: Tra this is why I called you! Abach you check her Facebook and look if there is any trace of my picture with S3eed….

Sara: Ok give me a minute…

*60006 60006*

Minute later…Sara calls back!

Sara: Mahooy!! Awlshi you look hot together!! Seriously! Elmhm! The photo has a comment mn the brother-in-law katb “Perfect! Thanks for the photo”

Me: UHHHH ! Y3NE IT WAS HER!! I have to tell S3eed…

I went to S3eed and told him everything, I really wanted to tell him “I told you so” but its so not the time!.

S3eed: A555 ya maha I hope that I have believed you gbl…alla y’3rblha hatheee!! W walla sho ha aryl e5teee,,,,,leen a7een my dad ma shaf his dark side?!?!

Me: Now we have to find a solution…lazm nrwee your dad that you were not playing!! That you were actually working ur butt off!!

We stayed a moment thinking together trying to find a way!


S3eed: Bsr3a tell me?!

Me: Lazm we show your dad your Mid-year report card and your amazing grade!!

S3eed: Bas its not out yet!

Me: I know! I wasn’t a teacher pet 3l fa’6ee ;) leave it on me…

I went to our head teacher,,,and told him that S3eed father really needed to see his report card,,and that if he didn’t see it now he will ask him to come back…..our head teacher “John” knew how gifted S3eed was! And he surely didn’t want him to go back..
John calls the school and asks them to issue a fax with S3eed grade to his father…I knew that this had to work! And that now S3eed dad will realize that his son did really change and that Ahmed should not be trusted! Its time that the true faces get revealed…

Me: Mission accomplished!!

S3eed: Shoo sweeteeee my savior?!?!

Me: ;) In a moment your dad will get your report card w im so sure he will regret that he didn’t believe in you!

We sat by each other as nervous as ever waiting for something to happen, Nicole passed by us and waved…and as she did that S3eed face was nearly going to explode!!!

Me: Uhh 5lk mnhaa S3eed I promise bn2dbhaa one day!!

S3eed: Bs y3nee el 5aysa I was nice to her!!! Why did she do this to me!

Me: Well who knows, A7mad shkla 3nda the power of convincing!!

S3eed: Ehhh walla ana ashk enaa he bribed her! Since when hay el maf3oo9a carries an LV!

Me: Hehehe who knows ymkn umha princess el bgar ;p the ultimate rich! Hehee

Me: Enzeen 5lk mnha….esm3, Im sure your dad will find ena his wrong!

S3eed: Anaa walla kla wa7d 3nde bs ahm shi that Ahmed doesn’t stops lying to my father and leave him alone!

A minute later,,,,the phone buzzed…S3eed quickly jumped and answered…..

S3eed: ….Alla ybark feeek Ubooya

Omg =’) Im about to tear,,,,,,ahhhh his dad is proud of him! Awwww Im loving the moment…

S3eed: Gltk ana I changed, lakn enta ma 9dgt…..

Aww I think the father now knows that Ahmed wanted to just ruined their relationship..

S3eed: Uboya, shoof, ana ma 3nde mshkla my sister takes the company one day, were famly in the end, lakn hatha A7mad you cant trust him…

Omg mashalla 3la my brave boy, he totally told his dad what the dad needs to hear… <3 yaaay! Plus..his such a family guy y3nee I really can see how much he loves his family w che…(except A7mad, which I DON’T THINK IS COUNTED as family)

S3eed: Fimaan alla ubooya,,,la m3lee its ok…bs inshalla mra thnyaa ma tshk fya ana wildk yay aby’6 el wayh..



Omg, he called me mahooyty and it sounded better then ever,,,ahh (L) 7leelaa

Me: 3sak doom far7aan ya S3eed! ;) Esm 3la musmaaa…

S3eed: Walla madre what would I have done without you! You saved my life…I owe you…

Me: Yes you do,,,,w 3lshan che aba mnk 6lab..

S3eed: Amry??

To be Continued

Part 10- When the Sun Shines

Hey darlings! =**
Im very sorry 6wlt 3leekm but I was taking a break from writing and read more of your blogs instead!

Thanks to all my commentators =** a7bkm wayed

This post goes to Daazzy the Ipod Maniac ;) ;) !

FYI: I tried to make this long =D ;p!


Next week will be Christmas break, and the School organized a trip to the Alps, I really couldn’t wait to throw some snowballs on S3eed's face! I was so excited were going out there, specially that S3eed will be there, and oh yea, Nicole as well! Lets hope she’s a bad snowboarder!


It was the day of the awaited trip! I was very excited that I woke up super early! I had packed my bags a week ago *talking about super excitement’s!*

well yea I was so excited since I will be spending this vacation with S3eed! And since last week was full of pressure and exams…we needed a break! And what’s better then a week at the top of the Alps!

I changed into a more winter outfit, wore my ugg boots and fur jacket and headed to S3eed room…on my way I could see that he’s dorm level was full of energy! Everyone was walking all around, laughing, giggling, and joking! Ahhh you know the feeling of happiness that you have before anything exciting!

S3eed: Halla walla!!!!

Me: Hey there! Lol you look like a polar bear!

S3eed: Why?! Whats wrong!

Me: Your jacket is SUPER HUGE!

S3eed: well its snowing out there, sho y3ne tbene albs shorts and t-shirt?!

Me: lol la, bs you look huge, *fake body builder*!! Hahaha

S3eed: Ana Fake?! Eh, ente your jealous because I look so damn HOT!

Indeed he did! He looked too great, his hair was perfect, skin tone was just great, everything was in the way its supposed to be! He actually looked more amazing *sigh*

Me: Eh la t9dg 3mrk! Yala lets go the supervisor is calling by the bus!

As we were approaching the bus, we could see that all seats were taken except 2 in the back…we quickly run there and get seated before anyone takes our place! Then Nicole entered, and as she walked by us, she gave S3eed this freakish glare as he smiled back…

S3eed plugs his Red Ipod Nano (Ehda Dazzy) humming on whatever he is hearing….he was in his own world! He was very relaxed, looking good and enjoying rhythm! And as I try to distract him.he stares at me and says

S3eed: Your too good to be true….Cant take my eyes off of you…

Me: Owhhh! That’s so sweet!

S3eed: Um what is?

Shit! I thought he was saying that to me but it looks like he was singing along with his Ipod!
Me: This old 3yooz and her old man <3>gotta love the Ipod for that ;p!

40 minutes later, we arrived to our destination, girls were separates into groups and boys as well, and each room had 2 separate beds, which meant that I will be with another girl! Eh! Inshalla its someone that I like! I crossed my finger as I was saying that…

Nicole: Heloooooh!

Me: Are you kidding me!

Nicole: What? Aint you happy that I will be sharing with you the bedroom?!

Me: Yea! Super happy!

Pft, ay super happy, seriously people you could see how much I dislike her,,,I just feel there is something strange to do with her,,,y3ne why would she have a crush on S3eed when she has a lot of options….

We settled in our rooms and headed downstairs for lunch…I wasn’t very hungry but was craving for CHOCO milk!

S3eed: Maha sho rych nseer nshrab choco milk by the fireplace

Me: Perfect! =D

Ahhh he really gets me! Thanks god for him….

We grabbed our Coco’s and sat by each other making each warm, we felt very cosy at the moment….sadly, we were distracted by and ugly voice!

Nicole: Smile both of you! *SNAP*

Me: Did she just take a picture of us! Omg ! aih sho hathe bdoon shoor!

S3eed: Chill 3adee ela Nicole shes harmless!

Me: Ehh Hathe harmless! Ba6ee5! Walla take my word I have a hunch towards her! There is something not right!

S3eed: Eh whats with women and their over drama!

The day past in a blink of an eye, I was very exhausted after a long day of skiing! All I wanted is jumping in my bed and sleeping the longest sleep ever!

The next morning as we walk up for breakfast, I could see that S3eed eyes were sleepy, although he went to his room very early! Dunno why he looks so tired!

Me: S3eed hey!

S3eed: Hi

He just said hi in the most exhausted tone possible!

Me: Why do you look so tired?! Whats wrong???

S3eed: I couldn’t sleep after a phone call I got from dad today morning…

Me: What S3eed speak!!!

S3eed: Dad is sending someone to pick me in an hour….

Me: What?! Sho 9ar why does he want you back? Is he tired sho fee?

S3eed: It looks like I have failed the "expectations"…bs walla Maha I was changing! And I really worked hard to become who I am now, I don’t know what happened walla I don’t!

Me: You are not leaving tsm3!!!

Nicole: ooooh! S3eed and Maha fighting after that cosy pic yesterday ;)!

To be Continued…


So people why do you think S3eed Dad is disappointed??

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Part 9- When the Sun Shines

Hey all, this is a long post just for you! =* and by the way silent readers, let me know what you think! ;P!



I type the webpage and write her name in the search bar, and here she is! Wohoo! I had a feeling of victory *or devil madness* I click to see her profile picture….LOL no comment! SLUTY!! <.<>


I woke up the next day anxious to tell S3eed what I have found out about Nicole! I really knew she has something strange! Y3ne seriously why would she add him, how does she know about him, uhhh questions are killing me!

I change quickly and grab an apple on my way out of the dorms; I rush quickly to reach my physics class early so I can relax before the quiz. I entered the class, there was 3 students already seated, but none of them was S3eed, uh where is that man when I need him the most!

It is 7:45 now, class in 15 minutes, lol did I come so early :O oh well, since the discovery I made yesterday about Nicole I couldn’t wait to tell S3eed.

A minute later he enters holding something behind his back..

S3eed: Good morning sunshine!

Me: =$ w chan ast7ee

S3eed: Lol la t9dgeeen 3mrch! I’m just in a good mood and ready to kick the quiz ass!

Me: Uhh!

S3eed: Enzeen I got you an Apple muffin on my way! Since you didn’t forget me ams, couldn’t forget you today could I ;p!?

Me: Yes g9oork you forget, after the time I wasted on you yesterday I was waiting for a gift ;p! Thank you! Oh btw!

S3eed: Yes?

Me: I so have to tell you shi after the quiz!

S3eed: Sho tell me now?!

Me: La la mabak tfaker now, lets focus!

S3eed: Good luck in the quiz! ;p

Me: Good luck back at you!

S3eed: I don’t need luck I’m acing this in a blink of an eye!

Me: talk about self-confidence =p!

S3eed: Hehehe =P

The teacher enters the class, and passes the quiz upside down, we wait for his signal to start, and as he said GO I could see S3eed going so fast, Mashala :P!

There were 20 questions, all multiple choices, it wasn’t hard but there was one question that tricked me! I stood by that question thinking for a while..

And then,, I could see S3eed hand in his paper and rush out of the classroom. Mashalla, Looks like he knew it all! Lol well see when results are out!

Minutes later, I handed in my paper, left the classroom to look for S3eed because I couldn’t wait to tell him about yesterday!

He was sitting on a red thing outside on the grass and had a basket of wood in front of him. Is this what I think it is?! Picnic! Wohoo!

Me: Awww S3eed, kla ha for me?!

S3eed: Hehe yes, I made for you some tea and cheese sandwich!

Me: =$ Aw,, what did I do to deserve a princess treatment??

S3eed: You stayed for hours yesterday making sure I do well today, so I had to treat you as a princess today!

Me: Awh thank you very much!

S3eed: Enzeen what were you wanting to tell me before the quiz?

Me: Hmm, Ill tell you later lets not ruin the moment!

S3eed: Lol la la tell me!

Me: Um well ams, when I Facebook’d Nicole, I saw someone strange on her contact list..

S3eed: Mno?!

Me: A7mad Al M.!

S3eed: My brother in law?!

Me: yes!

S3eed: Hmmm, why would she have him on her list, maybe he met her somewhere who knows..

Me: Madre, but I was suspicious, believe me I have a feeling something will go wrong because of her!

S3eed was trying to be positive and not imagining something negative about Nicole, but I really felt there was something between them; I don’t want to see S3eed hurt! He really changed into a better person now!

The next morning, my door knocks.

Me: Uhh,,,who will be knocking before my class, its very early!!

S3eed: Maha guess what!

Me: What!?

S3eed: The physics grades are out, there on a paper on the class door, I wanted to go but had to do it with you! Yalla bsr3a change!

Me: Yala give me a minute!

I was so excited lol, what a thing to be excited on, well I wasn’t excited about a grade, more of the success I did in making S3eed do well! I got ready quickly, grabbed my cardigan and headed out.

We were like crazy kids running to grab some candy! Wohoo! And as we reached! We both screamed!

Me: WOHOO!! 98!! Yay mee <3!>

S3eed was standing and had a shock on his face, I was so worried, and then a huge smile glowed on his face!

S3eed: I GOT A 100!!!

Me: OMGGGGG entaa ybt a7san 3nee =O! I cant belive it!

S3eed: Hahahaha! Thanks to you walla Maha, without you I don’t know what I would have done!

Me: Aw! Enzeen wala enk ga9 3lia, wanting my tutoring awna, e3trf!

S3eed: comment

Few months have passed; S3eed and I were hanging together ALL the time! He was so fun to be with, and we click together!

Next week will be Christmas break, and the School organized a trip to the Alps, I really couldn’t wait to throw some snowballs on S3eed's face! I was so excited were going out there, specially that S3eed will be there, and oh yea, Nicole as well! Lets hope she’s a bad snowboarder!

To be Continued!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Part 8- When the Sun Shines

Hey all, Im glad your enjoying the story, im liking where it is going =* w thanks to all of you for encouraging me! <3


Its Monday now, our Drama team decided it would be better to rewrite a classical play instead of acting since we don’t have many actors!

Well I actually convinced them to do so; I do not what Nicole to have an illusion love story with S3eed and stick to him! She’s damaging! Jeez! Can’t she put a brighter red lipstick then the one she currently wears! Her parents are probably vampires HAHAHAH!

S3eed and I have an appointment today at the library to study for our Physics quiz, yes Physics! I guess I always had an interest in science stuff! He said he needs me to explain for him some formulas relating to gravity issues! ;p

I passed at our coffee shop to get me some ice blended latté <3 my love! And an Apple muffin! Yummy! Ahh, should I get S3eed something with me? =p 7ram I eat and his hungry since its 8:00 AM! I bet he still hadn’t had his breakfast!

I knew his an unhealthy person! ;p so I guess an Ice blended Chocolate will do it! And a fattening chocolate muffin lol very very unhealthy!

I went to the library, and found him there sitting with an Ipod plugged in his ear, let me try to steal his attention and take a peak at what his listening!

Me: Hey S3eed! I got you some breakfast!

S3eed: Thanks! Chocolate! Its all what I need!

I peaked at his Ipod, and it was a French song! Oh no laykoon it’s a Nicole effect!

Me: Ooh, awn, you listen to French Opera! 3ash hatha ely nag9 ;p!

S3eed: LOL! Well I don’t, lakn Nicole asked me to give her my Ipod so she would load songs that will inspire the play writing thingie!

Me: Uhh!

S3eed: Shfeech jlbaa el wayh!?

Me: Ana meb m6amnaaa el hay el esmhaa Nicole! Shes such a stalker!

S3eed: Lol La la y7leelha!

Me: La y7lelha wla shyata! Shes so mn ta7t el ta7t! im soo Facebooking her out!

S3eed: LOL ente el Stalker 3yal hahahah ;P!

Me: I have to fear for our safety mn hay el freak!

S3eed: lol no comment! Ok lets start the lesson!

I started explaining to him roughly the important points in the lesson! It seems that he understood everything! Mashalla, he is very smart, dunno where he was hiding that!...well I did know he had some smart genes gbl! I really should do something to convince him that University is a better place! And la7g 3al she’3l

We had our first quiz tomorrow! And it was the physics one, I really think that S3eed will do great, he is a bright student!

I head back to my dorm, the one I share with Amy, a very sweet Italian girl! Shes so adorable! Everyday she’d wake at 5 AM fix her a fresh orange juice and go jogging, mashalla her body was always fit! I should start changing my sleeping habit and matching hers I want to Bring sexy back! Lol
Anyways, I finished reviewing for my physics quiz, I was sure I got everything so I decided to have some playtime on my laptop! Oh! I remembered that I wanted to Facebook find Nicole the freak!

I type the webpage and write her name in the search bar, and here she is! Wohoo! I had a feeling of victory *or devil madness* I click to see her profile picture….LOL no comment! SLUTY!! <.< weeh!

I click on her friend list, looking for anything Suspicious...omg omg omg omg what is HE doing on HER list!

To be Continued!